Wild Dwellers Helmet
Hunter Helmet
From Wild Dwellers Set
Type Armor
Ranged AR +1
Requirements Level 5
Extra stats +2/3/5 to Dexterity
Stats +1 to Ranged Armour Rating
+2 to Spirit
Enchantments Magic Protection - Increases your magic armour rating with 5
Melee Protection - Increases your melee armour rating with 6
In a key-locked chest in the Lost Cavern in Broken Valley.

It's a piece from the Wild Dwellers Set.

Depending on how many pieces of the set you are wearing you get extra points to Dexterity.

"About their existence there is no doubt, but few to none have actually seen them. Merged with the wilderness like phantoms with shadows they go where their fickle nature leads them in the everlasting quest for the protection of nature against the 'barbarians' that would deface her with myriad cities; scar her with fences and ploughs. Where settlers are found slain by the Wild Dwellers' trademark arrowheads in the shape of maple leaves, no human - or goblin for that matter - will dare to show his face ever again.

Wild Dweller armour is akin in quality and semblance to the flora and fauna its wearers so fiercely guard. Brown as the earth itself, grey as the morning fog, it blends the Dwellers with their surroundings; flexible yet resilient like wolf's skin, but strategically plated like a beetle, it allows them rapid movement without relinquishing the need for protection."