Areas in the vicinity
Outer Broken Valley
South Path to Orobas Fjords
East Lake Area


West Valley map
1. Dreavan's storage - Dreavan
Wishing Well
2. Penelope's tombstone
3. Miller's storage - Sosostra
4. New miner's dig
5. Robin's storage
E1. Goblin ambush
E2. White rabbit's chest
E3. Lever-activated chest

Merchants and ServantsEdit

  • Dreavan is an enchanter. To enchant your gear, you either need enchantment formulas or gear you don't need that is enchanted. When you disenchant a gear, you will have that formula available for use.


  • Dreavan thinks of his storage password.


Wishing WellEdit

You can find a Wishing Well near the West Valley shrine. You have only one wish and in order to get the best reward you should give 1000 gold. In total you have 6 options:

  • for 10 gold:
    • select experience to gain 500 XP
    • select a powerful item to receive a bracelet with one random stat boost
  • for 100 gold:
    • select experience to gain 1500 XP
    • select a powerful item to receive a bracelet with +1 unarmed expertise, two random stat boosts, and one random enchantment
  • for 1000 gold:
    • select experience to gain 5000 XP
    • select a powerful item to receive a bracelet with +1 wisdom, two random stat boosts, and two random enchantments

Goblin AmbushEdit

If you come from the west valley shrine and cross the stream where there's a patch of land uniting the two sides, you will be ambushed by some Black Goblins.

Penelope's TombstoneEdit

There is a tombstone in the middle of the field in West Valley. You can place Penelope's Amulet on it. A chest will appear that contains the Blood Echelon Bracers.

Miller's StorageEdit

Miller's storage can be found near Sosotra. You need a password (mindread Abayanabar) to enter it. It doesn't contain any notable items.

Robin's StorageEdit

Robin's storage can be found under a large tree surrounded by Black Goblins. Inside you can find the Wild Dwellers Composite Bow in a chest (after which some level 10 Armoured Boars will appear).

Sosostra's FortunesEdit

Talk to Sosostra and ask her to read your fortune.

  1. The first fortune tells you to follow a white creature, so go down hill along the river (to where Penelope's tomb was) and start following the white rabbit. It will lead you to the waterfall where it will change into a chest that contains a creature part and some random items.
  2. The second fortune tells you that you will have to face a warrior on a bridge. You will find Seth on the bridge that leads from the Path to Orobas Fjords to the South Valley. You can either be labelled a coward and choose not to fight him, or you can kill him and take some loot. If you mindread him, you will also be able to take his unique blade Brightblade.
  3. The third fortune tells you something about free falling. If you head through the narrow path from the Lake Area toward Maxos Temple Area, Bellegar will set you flying and you'll begin free falling (you won't get hurt from landing). You will end up near Needleman's storage, where you will find a chest with the Defenders of Aleroth Vampire Mace.

Once you are done with all three fortunes, next time Sosostra reads your fortune she gets scared off.

Lever-activated ChestEdit

Once you pull all 4 levers around Broken Valley, a chest will appear right across the river from Miller's storage. It contains another creature part and some random items.


Quests marked with * are started in this area, but are (partially) executed in another area.
Quests marked with ** are (partially) executed in this area, but can be started by talking to a character found in another area.

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