Location Bandit Camp
From Leda
Rewards XP & gold
1 additional option

Go to the Temple of Doom in the Bandit Camp. Leda will tell you that anyone can enter but you have to face the trials. After you talk with Jagon, in the first room you have to follow the dead bodies. You can draw the first Jagon Undead (level 10 - but try avoiding their attacks) to you by making it notice you and then walking back down the stairs. Follow the bodies toward the middle of the room and jump to the floating ramp and kill another Jagon Undead. Jump to the other side - be careful of the fireballs coming from the wall - and go left killing Jagon Undeads along the way. Jump to the ramp where Jagon is and wound him. You can now enter the second room.

In the second room you have to kill a few more Jagon Undead, then climb the ladder to the top of the dragon statue's head.
Note: If you read Ragnar's mind, you can find a key here which is used to open the gate near where you killed the first Jagon Undead (in the second room).

Once you reached the topmost ramp, Jagon will "run off" again. Jump into the river and go upstream. Jump out to the right side of the bridge. There's an important chest here that contains the Wild Dwellers Leggings. Jump to it, quickly loot it and then jump into the river (if you dwell too much, you will burn to death). Go under the waterfall.

In the third room you will have to kill Jagon (avoid his arrows as you close up on him) - he will drop Jagon's Necklace (needed for the A Hunting We Shall Go quest) and some random items, including a creature part. There's also a chest with a Bone Dragon Tail Piece in it and other neat random loot. Enter the green teleportation circle. You will meet Laiken who will throw you back out and collapse the teleport. A smaller green teleport will appear, so use it to get out.