Location Sentinel Island
From The Island
Rewards Per choice:
XP & gold
1 additional option
Upon completion:
XP & gold
2 additional options

The Island tells you that you must choose 1 of each servant: an alchemist, an enchanter, a trainer and a necromancer. You need to talk to each servant, and additionally mindread them (The Mind of...). Your choice is permanent. Each servant has a different specialization, so choose according to preference. Each servant will also give you different quests, which you need to complete in order to upgrade your tower, once you defeated Laiken.

  1. The Gardener: choose between Barbatos (makes great healing potions) and Allan (liar, but can still brew potions for you).
  2. Enchanted I'm sure: choose between Wesson (specializes in armor enchantments) and Radcliff (specializes in weapon enchantments). Radcliff proposes a contest to see who can make the best weapon, which of course he'll win since Wesson specializes in armor enchantments. As your enchanter one of them will also provide armor for your runners.
  3. Caught Undead: choose between Igor (the creature gains more magic resistance) and Joneloth (the creature gains more physical resistance). Igor is subservient, while Joneloth is not and talk mostly about blood and whatnot. Igor also offers to poison Joneloth for you, so you don't have to be responsible for his death.
  4. Sparring Partner: choose between Hermosa, the captain of the ship (melee weapons) and Kenneth, a Dragon Slayer (ranged weapons). Kenneth proposes to challenge his opponent. If you accept when he find out that his opponent is a woman, he tries to back out. If you tell him not to back out, Hermosa will win the fight, since she's an expert in melee combat, while he specializes in magic and ranged combat. As your trainer one of them will help train your skills (up to level 15) and will also provide weapons for your runners.

Once you made your choices, you need to tell each designated totem. Each time you finish making a choice you get XP, gold and an additional option. Upon making all choices, you will get another set of prizes.
If you don't make any choices and enter the Battle Tower Interior, Sentinel Island will appear before you to inform you that the choices have been made for you.