Areas in the vicinity
Outer Broken Valley
North Quarry Area
West Path to Orobas Fjords


South Valley map
1. Mugged caravan - Tagos' Axe
2. Summoning circle - George Gremory
L1. Lever
E1. Viper
E2. Troll trap - Rothman
E3. Bellegar's shrine - Bellegar
Chest with parchment


  • George Gremory thinks about his family jewels being safe in the Orobas Fjords, since they are protected by wyverns.
  • Viper thinks of his precious stones which can be looted once he's dead.


Quests marked with * are started in this area, but are (partially) executed in another area.
Quests marked with ** are (partially) executed in this area, but can be started by talking to a character found in another area.