Location Sentinel Island
From Adah / Mahalath (Forlorn Cave)
Rewards XP & gold
1 additional option

Enter the forlorn cave under the cliff with the tombstone. You will see two sister fighting with each other. You can either kill them both for a considerable amount of XP (Adah is level 20, Mahalath is level 16), or you can side with one of them:

  1. Adah and the Dragon Elves: you need to bring her some Fake Red Ore from a shipwreck north of the encampment. Go to Mahalath and sabotage her machine by using the sentences: "I had some red ore to spare, so..." and "I stole it from Laiken's troops.". Go back to Adah to complete the quest.
  2. Mahalath and the Walking Armours: you need to bring her some Wolfsbane Poison from a shipwreck south of where Allan is. She will give the poison to a Dragon Elf that you will need to take to Adah and tell her: "I saved him from the evil clutches of your sister." and "I told her Laiken wants the best legions he can get, so no cheating.". Return to Mahalath to complete the quest.