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Sentinel Island

Sentinel Island lived in perfect symbiosis with Maxos' magic until he left and Laiken took his place. The Island has been a life form (in the shape of a female) since the earliest days of Rivellon. The Dragons flocked to her shores, drawn by the magic within and around her.

The name "Sentinel Island" is what the rare visitors called her after Maxos built his tower. He was the only human who could ever fathom at least part of what the island is. But one day he vanquished without a trace.

The Island's magic is the raw power of creation that can bring beings to a state of transcendence and grant them untold powers. The race of Dragons is the only one that could eventually master it, so now the Island's magic has become synonymous with them.


Sentinel Island map

1. Hermit
2. Jonah
3. Vacca's cave - Vacca
4. Wyvern mother's nest
5. Wesson
6. Igor and Jonelath
7. Catherine Gremory
8. Allan
9. Encampment
10. Kenneth
11. Tombstone - Sassan
12. Laiken's study
13. Battle Tower Interior entry - Gabe
14. Ulfmar's shipwreck - Hunter Helmet
E1. The Island
E2. Elfrith
T1-4. Totems
S1. Ulfmar's Axe (mindread Hermit)
S2. Small Chest (mindread Elfrith)
S3. Maxos' Tomb*
S4. Shipwreck with shipment for Broken Valley*
S5. Michael's raft*
C1-7. Chests*
* May be accessible only as a dragon.

Inner AreasEdit

Merchants and ServantsEdit


  • Sentinel Island grants you a lot of XP (17000+) the first time you mindread her, and a skill point the second time.
  • Hermit thinks of Ulfmar's Axe that is in the mouth of a dragon statue next to Allan.
  • Jonah thinks of something Laiken dropped that now is in Vacca's cave by the books.
  • Vacca thinks of the Hermit's bow Mister Pointy that he keeps in the secret compartment of a chest (if you already looted the Hermit's chest, check it again for the bow).
  • Catherine Gremory thinks of the password needed to unlock the chest containing the Gremory family jewels: "duchess".
  • Sam thinks of Desert Roots he'd like to cook. If you bring him some he will lower his prices.
  • Elfrith thinks of the shiny box on top of the whale's skull that's right next to the camp.


See map markers S1 through S5. S1 and S2 appear only after mindreading certain characters.