Location Orobas Fjords
From Hungry Statues (Primordial Cave)
Rewards Per seed:
XP & gold
1 additional option
Upon completion:
XP & gold
2 additional options

Each statue requires a type of seed in order to let you pass. The locations are marked on your map.
If you haven't already done so, you need to shut down the force fields forming a barrier, so that you may fly through the area. Go to the Lookout teleport and use it to go to Eagle's Nest. Climb up and defeat Lady Kara and Lord John. Go upstairs and face Beird and Abram. If you decide to spare them, you will be able to trade with them. Use the levers to switch off the barriers.

  1. The First Hungry Statue requires the seed of Jievaras, which in turn asks you to get rid of some wyverns.
  2. The Second Hungry Statue requires the seed of Yggdragsil, which in turn asks you to kill Charlie, the goblin that built a tree house there.
  3. The Third Hungry Statue requires the seed of Irminsul, which in turn asks you to solve a riddle. You lose some energy if you give the wrong answer. You have three tries in total, with three different questions:
    1. "Strange creatures, we cannot speak, though we have mouths and broad bellies. We sail on ships crowded with kin. What are we?" - 4. Amphora
    2. "It swings by his thigh, hangs below the belt, a hole in its front end, stiff- set and stout it swivels about. Levelling the head its wielder hoists its high because it is his will to fill a well-known hole he's oft filled before. What is it?" - 2: A key
    3. "It eats tales, wolfs down words. A weird diet that may seem - the songs of man, his chants of glory - and yet, after the feast, the devourer is none the wiser. What is it?" - 1. A bookworm

After collecting all the seeds, give them to the statues. The door will open and you can pass.

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