Although the game refers to this class as "Priest", it is more of a "Summoner" (Necromancer to be exact) class.


Recommended: Summon Undead, Summon Ghost, Fear, Summon Mastery.

Notice: In the beginning you can raise your skills to level 5 max. Once you have the obtained the Battle Tower, your trainer will allow you to raise your skills up to level 15.

Picture Name Type Comment
Summon Undead Summon Undead Active One of the more useful skills. The summoned undead will effectively draw the enemies attention.
Summon Ghost Summon Ghost Active Useful in the beginning when you don’t have the gold to buy enough potions. Its role is to heal you and attack the enemies. Long cooldown.
Fear Fear Active Useful when fighting against a large group of enemies. It causes the enemies to retreat for a while.
Hide In Shadows Hide In Shadows Active Not a very useful ability. It allows you to become invisible for a given period of time.
Charm Charm Active It lets you to charm an enemy so that he will fight on your side; each enemy has to be charmed individually. Not very useful.
Summon Mastery Summon Mastery Passive Increases the damage done by your summoned monsters.
Curse Curse Active Curses the enemies around us, lowering the damage they inflict and their defence.
Blind Blind Active You can blind an enemy, not very useful.
Life Tap Life Tap Passive Sacrifice a part of your health and gain mana. Not very useful, it’s better to use skills that decrease mana usage and buy potions.
Master Herbalist Master Herbalist Passive Lowers the amount of components you need to prepare potions. If you have enough gold, you don’t need this.
Summon Demon Summon Demon Active Summons a high level Demon, the undead is very good.
Way of the Wise Wizard Way of the Wise Wizard Active Temporarily increases your defence against magic.