Areas in the vicinity
Outer Broken Valley
North Lake Area
South Orobas Fjords
East South Valley


Path to Orobas Fjords map
E1. Robbery - Filip and Jenae
E2. Bellegar
E3. Bellegar's shrine - Bellegar
E4. Seth (fortune)


  • Filip or Jenae will give you one stat point.
  • Seth thinks of his blade, Brightblade, which you can get if you kill him.


Bellergar's GoblinsEdit

On the hillside East from the path to Orobas Fjords Bellegar will appear again, summoning some Training Goblins to fight with the Black ones. You can join the fight.


If you have completed the first of Sosostra's fortunes and got the second one told, you will meet Seth on the bridge to South Valley. You can either be labelled a coward and choose not to fight him, or you can kill him and take some loot. If you mindread him, you will also be able to take his unique blade Brightblade.


Quests marked with * are started in this area, but are (partially) executed in another area.