Malachite gems are extremely rare and very useful gems for enchanting items. You can sometimes buy them with 1500 gold a piece. You can also find them in Malachite Veins. It is recommended to quicksave before pointing your cursor over a vein, and then reload until you get one or more Malachite gems from it.

Places you can buy Malachite gems:

  • Merchant Lamotte in Broken Valley Village sells two pieces.
  • Carleton a traveling merchant in Orobas Fjords sells one piece; you encounter him only once if you follow the road NE from the Depleted Ore Mine along the riverbank. He will appear just as you turn N to head up the hill. WARNING: save before the encounter in case you can't trade with him due to a bug.
  • Horaz in Aleroth sells three gems if you mindread him.

NPCs you can obtain Malachite gems from:

  • You can get one malachite gem from the Sleepers in Broken Valley by mindreading them and waking them up with the items they need in their dreams.
  • Beatrice in Orobas Fjords will give you two gems if you complete the The Horror of High Hall quest, but you can get an extra one if you mindread her before you start the quest.
  • Radcliff (your enchanter in the Battle Tower) will give you the Delicate Affairs quest where you'll have to trade the gem you find with two goblins for a pair of Malachites.
  • Mindread the goblin Charlie in Orobas Fjords and you will find a gem in a small box up in the tree house.
  • Agnes in Aleroth can be coerced by mindreading her to give you one gem.