"So, magic, you know, I recommend it and such...
First of all, the Slayer wizards are no fairytale clichés. No toe-tickling beards and silly hats. They are warriors, like all the others in the Order. However, their weapons are the physical expression of the powers of the mind.
Those who command these forces can vanquish all foes that they literally put their minds to.
Of course, even the strongest intellect may be exhausted if used improperly. So it's up to the mage to see that this doesn't happen."


Recommended: Magic Missile, Fireball, Mana Efficiency/Mana Leech, Healing.

Notice: In the beginning you can raise your skills to level 5 max. Once you have the obtained the Battle Tower, your trainer will allow you to raise your skills up to level 15.

Picture Name Type Comment
Magic Missile Magic Missile Active Shoots a couple of fireballs at your enemies. A very useful skill, it hits multiple enemies at once.
Fireball Fireball Active A fireball which damages enemies around the target – a must have!
Mana Efficiency Mana Efficiency Passive Lower the amount of mana needed to use a spell. If you don't have enough gold to buy potions, it's worth investing.
Polymorph Polymorph Active Turns the enemy into a ladybug, not very useful.
Confusion Confusion Passive The target stands still for a couple of seconds, not very useful while fighting multiple enemies.
Magic Blast Magic Blast Active A couple of quick attacks, unfortunately it hits only a single enemy.
Mana Leech Mana Leech Passive A successful attack on an enemy turns a certain percentage of the damage into mana.
Destruction Destruction Passive Increases the damage of your magical attacks.
Firewall Firewall Active Creates a wall of fire, unfortunately it lasts only for a little while.
Healing Healing Active A healing skill. Useful if you don't have enough potions.
Way of the Battle Mage Way of the Battle Mage Active Temporarily increases your defence against magical attacks.