Location Broken Valley Village
From Romon
Rewards XP & gold
1 additional option

You receive this quest from Romon near the chapel in Broken Valley Village. You need to go to the top of citadel in the Lake Area (after completing Looking for Lovis you can go back up the ramps and ladders and go all the way to the top) and enter the citadel armoury (the doors will lock). You have to jump into the burning room and press the button on the wall for the doors to open. At the same time the Lovis' Scrying Stone will appear.

If you examine the stone, you will be teleported to the citadel dungeon, where you will meet Toshan (level 8). You will have to kill him along with some Abomination Warriors. There are two shrines in the next chamber, which you can touch to reveal some ledges and lower some Skeleton Warriors. Revealing the ledges will give you access to a button on the wall that will lower some unique items from Lovis' loot: Lovis Cohort Sword, Lovis Cohort Shield, Lovis Cohort Bow, and Lovis Cohort Mace. Also a Skill Book will be lowered near the back where you first spoke to Toshan (level 8). You can pick only one.

Take the Lovis' Scrying Stone back to Romon to finish the quest.