Location Broken Valley Village
From Merril (barracks upstairs)
Rewards XP & gold
1 additional option
Power Belt

After you complete the Band of Brutes quest, talk to Merril upstairs (well... ladder) in the barracks to get this quest. Enter the Abandoned Crypt next to the chapel. There is a button on the wall at the end of the entry hall that opens the iron gate. Fight your way through the chambers, killing all the Lesser Skeletons (level 4-5). One of them (Mage) will drop a key that unlocks the gate to the last chamber, where you will find the Power Belt required to finish the quest and another chest with some random items.
Note: There are a bunch of boxes in the corner before the 2nd iron gate. Destroy the boxes to reveal a button that gives you entry to a hidden room with two chests.