Location Tribal Area
From Talana (Bellegar's shrines)
Rewards XP & gold
2 additional options
Lovis' Pendant

You will stumble upon a wounded Talana. She will turn you into a Dragon Knight and you will have a dream. You must fly through the one-way path and kill some Flying Undead (level 6) and destroy two Ballista Towers. Upon waking up, Damian will mock you and then warn you. Zandalor will appear next and initiate the quest. From now on, jumping will be much easier (except inside some rooms).

You have to reach the citadel chambers by making your way through the Lake Area and killing Skeletal Minions (level 8) along the way. Use the ladders near the citadel exit of the derelict tunnels to climb up to the North bridge. You will have to fight groups and groups of Skeleton Minions (level 8) as you make your way to the citadel chambers. You will need to open the gates by pulling levers that are on some higher ledges. To reach them just jump from the lowest ledge upward. There's also a lever on the ground that opens the East gate of the citadel.
Tip: You can jump from the East bridge past the gate (to either side), without having to come from the North bridge.

At some point you need to go up more ladders until you reach 4 dragon statues with pressure plates. Press them as you walk by them, leaving the dragon that faces the gate last. Once they all turn green, follow the path to the right that is lit up (the path to the left leads to the citadel armoury where you will find Carlin). Go down another ladder and finally jump down to fight the last group of Skeleton Minions. Pull the lever to open the gate (so you can access the chambers easier from now on) and then enter the citadel chambers.

Either go through the tunnels on the right or jump over the collapsed one on the left. Search the corpse for a Reveal Spell and use it - a lever will show up, so pull it. You might want to clear the open chests before you touch the tome. You will find the Blood Echelon Sword in a chest to the right (facing the throne).

Seek audience with Lord Lovis by touching the tome next to the throne. You will have to answer a few questions, so here's what you need to know:
a) Lord Lovis was born to Anastas.
b) Lord Lovis serves Ouroboros, god of Dragons.
c) Lord Lovis' greatest victory was the Battle of Ten Thousand.
d) Ba'al was the fiend that set in motion Lord Lovis' downfall.
e) Broken Valley was called the Valley of Shrines when Lord Lovis still ruled supreme.
This will complete the quest, you will receive Lovis' Pendant (useful when you want to mindread someone) and Lovis will appear.