Location Battle Tower
From Entering the Throne Room
Rewards XP & gold
2 additional options

When you enter the throne room, following Razakel, Laiken will be waiting for you. You can ignore all of Laiken's minions since they will all die together with Laiken. You can either kill Razakel or Laiken. Killing Razakel gets you an extra loot bag from the demon, otherwise you get a loot bag only from Laiken that contains a creature part.
Tip: Mindread Laiken before killing him to loot Laiken's Sword from the chest behind the throne (it can be looted at any time).

You will finish the quest and a scene will play with Damien and Zandalor, who urges you to take your dragon form and destroy Damien's flying fortresses that are closing in on your tower. You need to exit the throne room using the door next to Sassan that leads to the Skill Training Arena (you can come back here later). You will turn into a dragon (don't forget to put on your Dragon Armor). The goal is to destroy all the nests and then you will return to the tower.