Areas in the vicinity
Outer Broken Valley
North Burnt Chapel
West Tribal Area
East Broken Valley Village


Jackson's Farm map
1. Dana and Carl Jackson
2. Lomax
3. Kevin the pig
4. Secret passage (exit)
5. Forgotten outpost
L1. Lever
E1. Tower - Quincy


  • Quincy will give you one extra stat point.
  • Dana thinks about Jackson's basement key with which you can enter the basement where you can find Carl's diary that starts the Skeletons in the Closet quest.
  • Lomax thinks about winning Elisabeth's heart, which you can use as leverage to get the seekers to leave Feast or Famine quest.


Winthrop's AxeEdit

After mindreading Winthrop in Broken Valley Village you can find his Mace (One-handed Warhammer, Melee damage: 10-12, Critical Chance: 8%, Requires Level 4, +1 Indomitable Will, Empty Enchantment Slot x 1) near the pigsty.

The Forgotten OutpostEdit

Head West from Jackson's Farm to find the Forgotten Outpost (a.k.a. Jackson Dungeon). In front of it you have to fight some Tribal Goblins (level 2-3). Inside you have to fight a few Lesser Skeletons (level 4). Pick up the key from the table, make your way to the end of the room and press the Pressure Plate on the wall to make the wall disappear. You find three chests.


Quests marked with * are started in this area, but are (partially) executed in another area.
Quests marked with ** are (partially) executed in this area, but can be started by talking to a character found in another area.