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Farglow is the initiation town for Dragon Slayers.

When it was first built, the imps saw fires glow from afar and called it "Farglow", since they were used to black and star-dotted skies only. When the settlers learned the name of their hamlet, they adopted it themselves.

Farglow used to be a small hunter community until it was destroyed by the Black Ring during the Great War. When the war was over, a group of powerful wizards and warriors chose to build a secret retreat where once the town had stood because of its remote location. Now a handful of villagers also live in Farglow. They tend to the houses and do all kinds of little chores in return for a quiet life, safe and far away from the evils that roam the lands.


Farglow map
1.Zeppelin - Rhode
2.Farglow gate - Edmund
3.Waterfall - Morgana
4.Gerald (merchant)
5.Tiresias (illusionist)
6.The bridge - Isobel
7.Aravir (ranger)
8.Alberic (wizard)
9.Gawain (palladin)
10.Training ground gate - Sonja
B1.Skill Book
K1.Edmund's key
C1.Edmund's chest
C2.Locked chest next to Alberic

Merchants and ServantEdit

  • Gerald sells weapons, armor and consumables.
  • Tiresias is an illusionist who can change your appearance.


  • Edmund thinks of the key to his chest that he hid in the training area at the goblin camp.


To reach the skill book on top of the large rock formation in the training ground, you need to jump up the rocks starting at the base where there was a single goblin to kill.