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Broken Valley Village

Broken Valley Village is the first location you go to after Farglow. It is situated in the most North-Eastern part of Broken Valley.


Broken Valley Village map
1. Black Boar - Stan and Ollie
Tim and Barmaid Elsa
Doctor Needleman
Brave Sir Robin
Locke (merchant)
2. Village gate - Keane
3. Locke's Cart
4. Merchant Lamotte
5. Chapel - Arnold
Romon (merchant)
6. Watermill - Upton and Linda
7. Pig farmer house - Rose
Folo (merchant)
8. Derk's house - Derk (merchant)
9. Sean
10. Barracks - Captain Rodney
Lieutenant Louis
11. Abandoned Crypt
K1. Derk's cellar key
S1. Tim's sack of gold
E1. Tower - Quincy

Merchants and ServantsEdit

  • Abanayabar is an alchemist tree that can brew potions for you if you have formulas and resources.
  • Tim the innkeeper sells food, drinks and potions.
  • Locke sells armor, jewelry and charms. Unique: Defenders of Aleroth Helmet and Wizard's Companion (ring).
  • Doctor Needleman sells jewelry and potions.
  • Merchant Lamotte sells weapons, armor, jewelry, resources and formulas. Unique: Girdle of Gula (belt) and Adventurer's Band (bracelet).
  • Romon sells potions and books.
  • Folo sells food, drinks and herbs.
  • Miller Upton sells food, drinks and potions.
  • Derk the blacksmith sells weapons and armor. Unique: Rivellon Guards Leggings.
  • Mara sells stolen weapons, armor and jewelry. Unique: Spirit of the Forest (amulet).


  • Tim thinks where he hid a sack of gold: in the bushes left of the village chapel.
  • Brave Sir Robin thinks of his storage password.
  • Arnold thinks of the belt (requires level 6, adds +0.03 to Mana regeneration and it has an empty charm slot) he forgot under his bed in the barracks.
  • Linda thinks about the purse she lost in the chapel.
  • Abanayabar thinks about Miller's storage password.
  • Before handing Richard any goblin hearts, you should mindread him to get the full price, 3 times as much as what he offered.
  • Derk reveals that he dropped his cellar key in Tim's barn, he will also lower his prices. In his cellar there is a level 3 locked chest with some random items.
  • Winthrop thinks about the mace he lost at Jackson's farm - it's behind the pigsty.
  • The ghost of Arben thinks of a shield he lost in combat with Orobas, and how it must still be there in the crypt the Dragon fled into.
  • David thinks about being a fugitive, which start "The Fugitive" quest.
  • Quincy gives you a stat point.


Hidden Skill BookEdit

You can find a hidden skill book in the Black Boar tavern if you find all 3 Strange Volumes - you need to read each volume before the next one appears:

  1. Go to the second floor and enter the second (level 2) locked door. You will find the first Strange Volume on the desk.
  2. Go down to the bar. You will find Strange Volume II on the counter.
  3. Go to the terrace on the first floor, to the stack of books in the corner. You will find Strange Volume III on top of the stack.

After you read the third volume, you will be able to find the hidden Skill Book behind the fire, in the fireplace on the ground floor - you can use it to gain a skill point. Be careful, stepping in the fire burns you and you lose health.

Tim's Sack of GoldEdit

You can find Tim's sack of gold (if you mindread Tim) left of the chapel in the bushes.

Linda's Gold PurseEdit

Mindread Linda to find out about the purse she lost in the chapel. If you return it to her you will gain 100 XP (+ extra XP from wisdom). Alternatively you can steal the money from her purse, gaining 100 gold, but no XP.

Locke's CartEdit

You can loot Locke's Cart if you finish For a Pound of Flesh quest in Keane's favor or mindread Locke's cart to get the password "gold more gold".


Quests marked with * are started in this area, but are (partially) executed in another area.
Quests marked with ** are (partially) executed in this area, but can be started by talking to a character found in another area.