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Broken Valley

Broken Valley is home to a village, a mine and a quarry, a citadel and a temple. It is mostly inhabited by humans, bandits and goblins, and quite a few skeletons around the citadel. The village has a barracks, a tavern, a chapel, a mill and a blacksmith.

Originally it was called the Valley of the Shrines, but that was before before humans settled in.


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Broken Valley VillageJackson's FarmBurnt ChapelTribal AreaLake AreaWest ValleyMaxos Temple AreaPath to Orobas FjordsSouth ValleyQuarry AreaBandit Camp AreaBroken Valley map
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B1-5. Bellegar's shrines
L1-4. Levers
P1-4. Parchments
T1-2. Teleports
S1. Draevan's storage
S2. Miller's storage
S3. Robin's storage
S4. Needleman's storage
S5. Naberius' storage



Bellegar's ShrinesEdit

Every time you first enter one of Bellegar's shrines, Bellegar will appear and challenge you to defeat some monsters he summons: first goblins, then a demon, then skeletons, then a troll. Return to the shrine where you met Talana in the Tribal Area and Bellegar will summon all creatures once more. Once you defeat them he will reward you with dozens of bags of gold.

Lever-activated ChestEdit

Once you pull all 4 levers around Broken Valley, a chest will appear right across the river from Miller's storage in West Valley. It contains a creature part and some random items.

Parchments and TeleportsEdit

There are 4 parchments you need to find and decipher with the help of ZixZax (in the Maxos Temple Area) to get the password ("Bellegar") to use with the teleports:

  • T1 teleports back and forth from the chapel shrine to Naberius' storage
  • T2 teleports back and forth from the lake area to the top of the citadel


Some NPCs have storages which can be looted if you have the password to enter them. Usually the password can be mindread from the NPC (except for Miller's storage, which can be mindread from the alchemist tree, Abanayabar; and Needleman who can be mindread only after returning as a dragon to the top of the citadel).