Areas in the vicinity
Outer Sentinel Island
Above Battle Tower


Battle Tower Interior map
1. Elijah
2. Explosives
3-4. Rubble
5. Elevator
6. Grimm
7. Erlking
8. Elevator to Throne Room
E1. Sassan the abomination
E2. Sassan
E3. Sassan the abomination
A1. Abomination Master with key to Library
A2. Abomination Master with key to chest C1
K1-2. Keys
C1. Chest with Soul Forge Contract
C2. Chest with random loot


  • Sassan will give you two stat points in total, if you mindread her right before and right after she summons Razakel. Also, before using the elevator for the first time, when she runs up to you, if you mindread her, she will think about Erlking's Writings that may still lie around, which you will then be able to find in the Library on the table to the right. Reading it will give you two stat points.
  • Razakel thinks of his warhammer that Barnabus has not returned to him: Razakel's Hammer.
  • Laiken thinks of his sword you can loot after killing him that is in the chest behind the throne.


Collapsed tunnelEdit

Use the 2nd crate of Explosive (during the Breaking an Entry quest) in the tunnel right before Sassan runs up to you, to be able to access the tunnel to the West and pick up a key that lies next to a corpse.

3rd floor hidden chestEdit

Light the candles on the end tables at both ends of the room to make the wall in the middle rise and reveal a hidden chest.