Areas in the vicinity
Outer Sentinel Island
Below Battle Tower Interior
Battle Tower

The Battle Tower has five areas:

  • Throne Room with elevator to private chambers
  • Necromancy Ring
  • Alchemy Garden
  • Skill Training Arena
  • Workshop

You can use the Dragon Stone to travel between areas (also works from the exterior and if you select "Exit" you will be teleported back to where you were).


Battle Tower map
1. Throne - Kirill and Salome
2. Explosives
3. Elevator
4. Hermaphroditus
5. Sassan
E1. Laiken
S1. Maxos' Scroll
C. Dragon Coffer
C1. Chest with Laiken's Sword
C2. Chest with random loot


  • Sassan will give you a skill point.
  • Igor / Jonelath will give you a skill point.
  • Barbatos / Allan will give you a skill point.
  • Hermosa / Kenneth will give you a skill point.
  • Wesson / Radcliff will give you a skill point.


Dragon CofferEdit

Your own personal storage space, the Dragon Coffer can be found in your private chambers, beside the bed. It contains two pieces of Dragon Armor: the Bone Dragon Cuirass and the Bone Dragon Leggings. Whenever you're out in the field you can right click an item in your inventory and select "Send to Battle Tower". Also, when enchanting items or making potions on your platforms, the resources stored in your coffer can be used (you don't need to have them in your inventory).

Dragon Skill BooksEdit

There is one Dragon Skill Book on every platform and one on the bed in your private quarters.

Private Chambers ChestEdit

In order to unlock the chest from your private chambers, go to the Alchemy Garden platform and pick up the key from the desk. You will have to go from platform to platform and unlock each chest, inside which is a key to unlock the next chest. First go to the Necromancy Ring, then the Skill Training Arena, then the Workshop and finally to your private chambers to unlock the final chest that contains some random items.


Quests marked with ** are (partially) executed in this area, but are started elsewhere.

To upgrade the Necromancy Ring:
1. The Book of the Dead
2. Black Ring's Ring
1. Out on a Limb
2. Risk Life for Limb
To upgrade the Alchemy Garden:
1. Borrowed Book
2. An Alchemist's Apparel
1. Allan Brew Confidential
2. Wisdom in a Bottle
To upgrade the Skill Training Arena:
1. Dear John
2. Murder for Myrthos
1. Apprentice and Adversary
2. By the Book
To upgrade the Workshop:
1. Short Supply
2. Raging Raze
1. Delicate Affairs