Areas in the vicinity
Outer Broken Valley
Inner Bandit Camp
North Tribal Area
South Quarry Area


Bandit Camp Area map
1. Eugene
2. Chest with parchment
3. Entrance to bandit camp - Christopher
4. Noryfundus
5. Sleepers: Nightwinkle, Furley and Namdar
6. Needleman's storage
E1. Bandit ambush
E2. Bellegar's shrine
Chest with parchment


  • Christopher will give you one stat point if you mindread him BEFORE entering the camp. After entering he will think of Rimmer's Rum he'd like to drink.
  • Noryfundus reveals that he's selling fakes except for the earrings.
  • Nightwinkle dreams that she needs a red apple for a potion.
  • Furley dreams that he needs a drink to conquer a lady.
  • Namdar dreams that he needs a health potion to survive the troll.


Bandit AmbushEdit

Cross the hollow woodtrunk near the goblin hamlet. You're heading for a bandit ambush so be prepared.


If you continue through the canyon where the ambush was, make a U turn and go up the hill all the way to the end, you'll find three sleepers. You need to mindread them and wake all of them up to get a Malachite gem (very important enchantment ingredient). Nightwinkle needs a red apple, Furley needs a drink and Namdar needs a health potion.

Needleman's StorageEdit

You can mindread the password off Needleman once you return as a dragon. He will be on top of the citadel. You can then fly to the storage where you'll find a few chests with some random items.


Quests marked with * are started in this area, but are (partially) executed in another area.

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