Areas in the vicinity
Outer Bandit Camp Area


Bandit Camp map
1. Christopher
2. Sybille and Clement
3. Tagos and Barney
4. Martis
5. Stolen goods
6. Ragnar
7. Leda
8. Cave room - Jagon
J1-3. Jagon
K1. Key to open gate leading to chest C1
C1. Chest behind closed gate
C2. Chest that contains Wild Dwellers Leggings

Merchants and ServantsEdit

  • Martin sells weapons, potions, charms and formulas.


  • Christopher thinks that he'd like to drink a bottle of Rimmer's Rum.
  • Ragnar thinks about the key on top of the dragon statues head inside the Temple of Doom.
  • Tagos will give you one extra stat point.


Stolen goodsEdit

There's a bunch of bandits (level 10) fighting over stolen goods near Martis. If you pick up a stolen good from the table and taunt them, you can kill them and take all the loot for yourself.


Quests marked with * are started in this area, but are (partially) executed in another area.
Quests marked with ** are (partially) executed in this area, but can be started by talking to a character found in another area.