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Location Broken Valley Village
From Wanted Board (barracks)
Rewards Per felon:
XP & gold
1 additional option
After killing all felons:
XP & gold
1 additional option
Cuirass of Jurak

Go to the barracks. You can talk to Captain Rodney, he'll tell you to check out the wanted board (in the next room), where you can pick up each quest, to kill wanted felons and bring back an item of theirs as proof:

  1. Hjalmar - level 5 Goblin Beholder in the goblin camp next to the Burnt Chapel, drops Hjalmar's mark;
  2. Hallorn - level 8 bandit in the Derelict Tunnels of the Tribal Area (near the citadel exit of the tunnels), drops Hallorn's ring;
  3. Yup'ik - level 9 Goblin Shaman in a goblin camp in the Quarry Area, drops Yup'ik's Staff;
  4. Viper - level 9 bandit in a camp in the South Valley, drops Viper's Sword and precious stones if mindread;
  5. Jagon - level ? bandit leader in the Temple of Doom inside the Bandit Camp, drops Jagon's Necklace and some random items, including a creature part.

Talk to Captain Rodney to finish each quest (they can be finished all at once, no need to return after killing each felon). You will get the Cuirass of Jurak as a reward for killing all felons.